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November - A time to be thankful!

Happy November!

There are so many things to be thankful for this year and we are excited that our programs at CMS are still working and performing even in these hard times!



As we move into November, Orchestra students are hitting their stride! Beginners are feeling comfortable on their instruments and Advanced players are starting to really make music together. First Quarter was capped by a series of livestream performances that showcased the work we are doing in the classroom. Students were excited to perform for their virtual audiences! Please check out the videos using this link:

I am thankful for the optimistic and enthusiastic perspectives of my students. CMS students are resilient and they are indomitable! We go into Second Quarter ready to study new music and make the best of every situation.

Here is a joke that a student recently told me:

A musician walks into an orchestra rehearsal carrying some corn on the cob as his instrument. The conductor asks, "Will you need any sheet music?" The musician replies, "Nah, I'll play it by ear."

What a corny joke!

Dr. Fox


Musical Theatre

Students just completed their first recordings and I am working to put them together into our first music video! We are thankful that the sky's cleared up and we had perfect weather for two whole days to video, and got some great shots of our beautiful Nevada Mountains. We are excited to share that with you soon!

Beginning students are working hard on their monologue projects, were they develop a character and present it to the class. Students should be working to memorize their monologue and will video it as well as present it in class. They will also be working on their next music video which will be "Dancing Queen" from the Musical "Mamma Mia!"

Intermediate and Advanced Students are working on their next music video using the song "Transylvania Mania" from the Musical "Young Frankenstein". We look forward to sharing this up beat and fun song with you!

Keep an eye out for our videos COMING SOON!

Miss. Valley



This time of year is normally go time for our Veterans Concert, which would have been next week. Unfortunately we had to cancel that but the students are doing a great job with working on their new song "Shine Like Stars". It already is sounding great and I can't wait for you to hear it.

The choir students worked hard to get our first recording together and I am happy to report we have a finished product. I am so proud of them as this is not an easy task to tackle a recording from home. Finding a quiet location and not overthinking if it is good enough is something even adults in the WNC virtual choir struggle with. I am thankful for all the students hard work and doing something outside of their comfort zone. Please see below for the final product.

This year I am thankful we still can make music together even if it is a little different from normal.

Miss. Valley

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