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Stephanie Van Orman

Director of Bands


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CMS Bands


Jazz Band:

Jazz Band will begin next week on Monday, September 20th! Students are invited to a trial rehearsal this Friday, September 17 from 2:30-3:30. We are working with administration to see if busing can be provided. All students are welcome to join this class (it is a graded class with attendance taken), however students who are able to play a chromatic scale (12 different notes) will be the most successful.

Marching Band:

Marching Band will be combining with EVMS this year! We will be performing in the Nevada Day Parade and the Sparks Hometowne Christmas parade. More information is coming soon!

Tone Savvy:

As a reminder, Tone Savvy is an in-class assignment. It will be graded like extra credit and cannot lower a student's grade. Please encourage students to do their best, but don't stress about this!

Smart Music:

Smart Music assignments are coming soon! These will be graded as playing tests. Students will be expected to submit the grade they want to receive. There are some instruments (mallets and tuba) that Smart Music grades too harshly. Mrs. V will adjust those grades accordingly.

Any student who wants Mrs. V to listen to their playing test can send an email requesting this. Please note this may delay grading.

Performances from the 2020-2021 School Year: