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The Fall Concert is a Graded Performance!

Concert Attire:

Students are required to wear black pants/full-length skirts, black socks, and black shoes as well as their Music Department Shirt.


Students must arrive 30 minutes BEFORE the concert begins to sign in, put their instrument together, and warm up. Failure to sign in on time will result in an alternate assignment.


Each group will perform a set of music to showcase what has been learned so far this year. To the best of our abilities, concerts will last 1 hour or less. The order is as follows:

Beginning Band

Intermediate Band (Combined)

Advanced Band

Jazz Band

After the Concert:

Students are expected to help with tear down after the concert. All music stands, chairs, instruments, music folders, and percussion equipment will need to return to the band room. Once the stage is cleared, students are released.

Please see the BAND HANDBOOK for more information about concert expectations.

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