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Nevada Day Parade

Each year we have the honor of combining the Carson Middle School and Eagle Valley Middle School Marching Bands (Advanced Bands) for the Nevada Day Parade! Keep reading for more information about this year's parade!

NV Day Parade Image.jpg

We are Division 7, # and will meet on EAST PARK STREET at 8:00 a.m. Saturday morning in uniform and with an instrument. Please do not bring instrument cases as we will not be able to bring them on the parade route.

Jackets will be passed out in class. Marching gloves will also be given to students before the parade. Both Jackets and gloves will need to be returned in class after the parade. Students will need to wear black pants, black socks, and comfortable black shoes. The parade route is roughly 1.5 miles, so please prepare appropriately.

Water and a light snack will be provided before the parade starts.

Parent pick-ups will be in the East parking lot of the Carson Mall. We will dismiss from Chipotle as soon as we are done marching. The Parade officials ask that we please move out of the Mall area as quickly as possible to allow room for later division to enter the parking lot. 

Feel free to reach out to Mrs. V if you have any questions!

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